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Im a ON and OFF blogger, blog when my mood is there. I do sport; Marathon and Mix Martial Arts. I LOVE buying shoes but I don't really wear them. Here is where I write my nonsense.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Nonsense BLOGGER

Somehow people who don't really blog will be curious why we blogger love to blog and talk nonsense to the screen with keyboard than talking to really human using mouth. 

Know why?! Because the keyboard never say no to us and they listen everything and remember all.

And people always think it is easy to be a blogger. Do you think cheesie, fourfeetnine, XiaXue, bongQiuQiu, BoBo, Nana, Janechuck etc etc become famous just by simply clicking on their keyboard throwing bullshit on it? Do you think they get so many follower or sponsorship just by only typing?!

They use effort to reach that high. Everything need effort to reach even wake up in the early morning you need to put in tons of effort to open your eyes.

All I need is putting in more effort to reach what I wanted to reach.

Otw to JB to meet my love one.

So signing off with loves,

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